Boxer Tech Performance Engines

Remanufactured vs Used vs JDM Used Motors

A common question we get is "Why should I spend the money on a remanufactured motor when a JDM or junkyard motor costs 1/2 the price?"

Valid question when the customer is focused on just the price. Purchasing from a junkyard is flat out risky business because you have to spend time pulling the engine or paying someone to do it for you and then you don't know if that engine even works. Remember, all cars are in the junkyard for a reason and the number one and two reasons are engine and/or transmission failure or it was involved in a wreck. When you purchase a JDM engine, you are purchasing an engine based on the premise that it was pulled out of a running car and has insanely low mileage. Let us break down that expectation into two parts.

1.) The car was a running car when the engine was pulled.

First, this is a marketing ploy that most JDM importers will tell you and they give you a 30 day warranty on the off hand there was something severely wrong internally. The truth of the matter is the engines may have ran when they were pulled from a car in Japan, but may have had other external issues (defective sensors, broken hoses, etc). Not to mention, they were shipped 8,000 miles on a container ship with metric tons of other engines, transmissions, etc. Most exporters do not even take the time to secure the loads before leaving the dock, so damage is a viable concern. Second, very few do compression tests on the engines they receive. Fewer actually do leakdown tests. None will actually take the engine apart or run the engine for you.

2.) JDM Motors always have less than 40,000-60,000 miles on them.

This is a common myth and another marketing ploy by JDM shops to entice buyers into thinking it is low mileage. They base this on the premise that Japan is a small island and the majority of the population relies on public transportation to get around. While this is true, that makes it a worse scenario for the engine if it really did have only 60,000 miles on it. That is 60,000 miles of constant stop and go usage, versus in the US where we have open roads and 60,000 miles is not a lot of miles. Most importers really have no clue what mileage is on the motors unless the exporter provides an affidavit that declares the exact mileage when the car was dismantled.

The Boxer Tech Advantage

Our commitment is to provide high quality engines at an affordable cost. We don't just sell used engines. Even our engines that are classified as used go through a stringent inspection and certification to ensure they're in top notch shape. 

Unlike JDM shops and junkyards, we have the time and ability to test and engine to determine if it should be sold as used or remanufactured. No matter which option you choose, you'll trust in the confidence we have to sell you the best possible product.

Boxer Tech Performance Remanufactured Engine Promise

Boxer Tech Performance ensures that all of the engines we build are built to stringent quality standards. We take pride on delivering a quality product that is better quality than any competitor. Every engine labeled as remanufactured is completely built from the ground up using new or remanufactured OE or better quality components. We don't just build a stock replacement engine for your Subaru, we make sure that every possible design flaw is corrected and replaced with an updated part with a proven track record of success. 

Each engine core is completely disassembled down to it's individual identifiable parts and completely cleaned and inspected. All serviceable wear components are discarded and replaced with new OE or better than OE components.

Boxer Tech Used Engines

Used engines are tested to ensure that they perform in an acceptable manner. We perform compression tests, leakdown tests, and a basic run test on our computerized engine tester to ensure that there isn't any underlying issues.

The used engines are disassembled only to the short block (the cylinder heads are removed) and cylinder walls, pistons, and heads are inspected for abnormal wear. If anything is found to be out of spec, the engine is remanufactured as sold as such. After the inspection and cleaning, the engine is sealed with new gaskets, including the updated head gaskets, to ensure that they do not fail. Because the engine is designated as used, the savings is passed onto the consumer.